Flirting at parties

Flirting at Parties

Flirting at parties can be nerve racking but today your going to learn some tips and tricks to make Flirting at the next party fun.

Some people might  find that flirting at parties makes them a little uneasy so I thought I would give a few hints on how to make it easy. The first thing you should know about flirting at parties is that you have to be ready. That’s right get yourself in the game. Be prepared, decide ahead of time that you are going to enjoy yourself, meet some people and do some flirting. We want to get into a playful mood, lighten up a little to get ready to mingle. Flirting at party’s  can be as simple as chatting with everyone in the room.

Flirting has been around since the dawn of time. Everyone does it whether they realize it or not. It is one of the most powerful tools we use do to attract a mate. It is also a relatively harmless way to quickly be able to determine if the person you are flirting with is going to go from being a definite maybe to a you better believe it. It is a type of deal actually, a back and forth exchange, a negotiation of sorts between two perspective buyers.  Women love to flirt as a way to express their sexuality. They  do it expertly and often. Some typical flirting behavior for woman would include swishing the hair, swaying the hips, giggling, licking the lips or making eye contact. Another big one is playing with their hair or accessories. Men on the other hand tend to be a bit more subtle. They will square their shoulders, allow his eyebrows to rise, flare his nostrils. Sometimes  they exaggerate their  movements or part their lips.

A good rule when flirting at parties is to work the room with wandering eyes. You will give the impression that you are unattached and easily approachable. Be quick to smile, make eye contact, and relax. You don’t want to seem like you are uncomfortable or anxious because the  most attractive quality  in all of us is confidence. When you are confident and seem to love life you will attract others. There is nothing attractive about someone who is negative, needy or unsure of themselves.

So how do we flirt with the opposite sex?

Here are a few good tricks for the ladies wanting to flirt at parties,  and guys take note:  if they do these things the game is on. Make eye contact, catch his eye briefly then look away. This tells him you are interested and signals him to approach. The next is a killer smile. Smile like you mean it. It is the best way to flirt at party. Put some confidence behind it. Make it exude the fabulous person that you are. Stand tall, make sure your posture is strait. Show off what you have, but above all be feminine. Men like real woman so play up your femininity. Wear tasteful makeup, pretty clothes, high heels or nice shoes. Play with your hair or  jewelry or bat your eyelashes. Lightly brush against him and let your touch linger. Laugh at his jokes and don’t forget to wink and keep the conversation light.

Use his name in the conversation often. Everyone likes to hear their name so use it as much as you can and anyway it will help you remember it allot faster avoiding potentially sticky situations later on.

Guys here is how to get the most out of flirting with woman at parties. Prepare for the party by Getting  your game on. That means be confident,  charming and relaxed. Start by choosing clothes and shoes that you feel great in and  make you look good. Just because you love an item of clothing it doesn’t  mean they look good on you . So get a second opinion from a well dressed friend or a fashion stylist.  Women always notice what you are wearing, even your shoes, so take your time in choosing the right combination. When you get to the party mingle with everyone. Make sure to go around and chat with as many people as you  can.  Be funny and keep your conversation light. You can prepare by having a few things up your sleeve that you found amusing yourself. If you really like her, casually touch her arm or back. Allow your touch to linger, intently listen to what she is saying.  Use her name when you talk to her, make eye contact and smile.

I love flirting at parties. There is nothing like working a room and meeting people. Isn’t that what parties are about anyway. We all do it, admit it you do it to. It has become an essential part of today’s society. In fact it has always been vital to human communication through out history. Flirting makes us smile, feel good and shows the opposite sex whether or not we are interested in them.

The most important thing to keep in mind when flirting at parties is  keep the conversation light, be funny, listen intently when others speak and enjoy what you are doing. No depressing subjects like politics, religion or  ex boyfriends/girlfriends. Do I need to say that again?  and above all have fun. Well that’s it for me I am off to flirt at a party, I suggest you do the same.


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