A better life.

Make yourself happy!

Make yourself happy!

We all want a better life than we have. Our lives are reflections of who we are. We are happy or sad depending on our perceptions, actions, thoughts and commitments. I started thinking about it this morning while I was listening to an audio book called Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman PhD available at Amazon He was talking about how we need to take care of ourselves in order to have a better life. Then I happened upon a blog by Dr. Patrick Williams and he also had a post about pretty much the same thing. He had gone on vacation to the rainforest and had begun to think about how we need to protect it. This of course led to him thinking about how we need to do the same for ourselves.

Protect what you cherish!

This got me thinking about life and what happens in our life’s that causes us to neglect ourselves. We begin by having children or getting a career. The next thing we know we don’t have any time for ourselves. We start to put others needs above our own. Like today. I needed to go to the gym, however I have been putting it off because I wanted to clean the house. Then I put it off because my youngest child was coming home. I wanted to be home when she got here. It is always something, always an excuse. No time, not the right time, too tiered, too busy, it can be pretty much anything.  We stop having an opinion because it might offend someone. We don’t want conflict or to hurt anyones. Do not want to rock the boat. We surround ourselves with people who drain our energy, deplete our reserves and exhaust us. We rush, and are constantly in a hurry to finish something that really could be done later or tomorrow.

So the only question is what do we do about it.

Save your money for something good!

Save your money for something good!

Save your money, increase your income, become more financially responsible. Start a new business, take a course, learn to blog.  Let others know what you want in life. Understand  that your opinion matters. Be honest with yourself and others. You owe it to yourself. Increase enjoyable things in your life. Do something fun. Slow down, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Create boundary in your life that increase the quality of your life. Create support systems in your life. Surround yourself with things that support you and what you are doing. Take a walk, enjoy the sunshine, take the time to smell the flowers and enjoy the moment. Excercise, run, do yoga or meditate.Think about who your best self would be. make a list of who that would be then make a list of all of your existing qualities. Work on the differences.

Work on yourself, design your ideal life then create it.

Enjoy your life!

Enjoy your life!


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