Is the flue shot safe?

Just the other day I told my children that under no circumstances would they be allowed to get a H1N1 flu shot. Their reaction was typical for teenagers. They rolled their eyes and told me how ridiculous I was being. They wanted to know what proof I had that the flu shots were bad. They were convinced that I was overreacting as usual. I am a mother after all.Overreacting is what I do, especially in the eyes of my children. I seem to get worse as they age. Especially when they hit the magic 13 years of age. Somehow all of a sudden I change in their eyes into an unreasonable woman prone to overreacting. But thats not what I am talking about here. My point is that most people believe it is totally safe to get flu shot. If you do subscribe to this way of thinking, others think you are a little over the top. I can see their point however I will still keep my opinion on the issue. No flu shot. I am very wary about the shots children are given as well. I was watching U tube the other day and came upon a video about autism and children who were healthy up until they got their shots. After the vaccination they started exhibiting Autism symptoms. The Autism was directly linked to mercury levels in their body and the mercury was directly linked to the shots.

I have a huge problem with the medical community not jumping up for joy and shouting out to the world, thank god for people like Jenny McCarthy. She has cured her son from Autism by giving him vitamins minerals and cleansing the Candida and metals from his body. Through alternative therapy, changing his diet and healthy living she has reclaimed her son. AMAZING. It almost brings tears to your eyes to think about it. But the medical community  hasn´t acknowledged Jenny´s success , rather the opposite. They wont make any money from this kind of therapy so why would they stand behind it. They will loose money if we don´t vaccinate our children. My question to them is, are the children who become Autistic from vaccinations an acceptable price to pay? And if so by whose standards?

Then there is Desiree Jennings who recently had a flu shot and the next thing you know she came down with  Dystonia. Her story breaks my heart because she seems to have no hope of being able to reverse the symptoms from the disorder. She trusted the authorities when they said it was safe and believed that she would be fine.

I have never had a flu shot and I never will as long as it is within my power to choose. What concerns me however is that governments sometimes decide what is best for us. If you want your child to attend public school these days they need to be up to date on their inoculations. Who is to say that they will not require us to  have flu shots in the future. I really hope not but unfortunately I wouldnt be surprised at all. The video below is very interesting as well. It makes you realize that turning a blind eye or having blind faith in the WHO or the government is maybe not a good idea. We are responsible for our own decisions and our own lives, and when we do not educate ourselves we are at someone else’s mercy.

Here are a few interesting links about the flu shot.


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Definition of success!

I have been thinking about the definition of success lately. There are many factors to success that influence whether we achieve it and how we achieve it. What is success then, how do we define it and how do we get it? There are


many different types of success and they depend on your own personal definition. Monetary success is one of the most common ones, achievement would probably come next. I suppose is one of the most common definitions of success would be success at work, being a great friend and having things generally work out for you. But think about the factors that contribute to success. Confidence is a big one. If you are confident you tend to achieve more, taking life as it comes, rolling with the punches. When you are confident you will take more risks, be more likely to follow your dreams. Another key success factor would be integrity which boils down to your truth. Being honest with yourself and others is key to living your life with integrity. Being true to your values and being socially conscious makes your life have more meaning. What about clarity in your life. Clarity does not have to mean you know every move you are going to make ahead of time or even that your life is calm and predictable. It means rather that you have a clear vision of the direction you want to take. Your definition of success may greatly differ from everyone else’s, and that is perfectly fine, as long as you know where you want to go. Clarity is living your life, having time for the things that are important to you. Knowing what it is that is important to you and not getting caught up in the chaos of life. Many successful people have seemingly chaotic lives but if you look closely they have the factors of success working for them. They are not overwhelmed even if they have very busy and unpredictable lives. So what is the definition of success and what are the factors to success that contribute to it? well I think you need to have a clear idea of what you want out of life and living with that thought in mind. I think having a mission statement for your life would be a great start. Always giving it your best, being confident and believing in yourself. So how do you become successful? You go out there and get it.

Jack Canfield says it best.