Facing our fears can be a great way to achieve success.

Facing our fears can be a great way to achieve success, increase our productivity and create more peace and joy in our lives. When you are feeling overworked and stretched thin, ask yourself what is going on. I did this exact thing the other day. I often create more projects for myself when I feel especially stressed or busy. This seems to be a pattern of mine, anyhow I was doing this again the other day. I had scheduled myself into a corner. When I explored what it felt like I discovered that I felt like life was getting in my way. Life was interfering in all of my plans and my life was evolving despite my best efforts. I wouldn’t have noticed this feeling and these thoughts had I not faced my fear of under achievement, which by the way is very closely tied to over achievement. When you live your life based on fear, especially when you hide behind your fears then you can´t really grow.  So, that said, here is the solution. Figure out what you are afraid of, be honest and explore the truth in that fear. Most of our fears are actually just opinions created out of perception and when we are honest with ourselves they seem to dissipate. Take your fear and turn it around.  What this would look like is something like this;

(fear of success) If I succeed then I will be to busy, I can barely handle everything I need to do as it is.

(explore) Is that true? Do I know that for sure? What am I basing that on?

(turn it around) I will be able to handle it because I will delegate the things I do not need to do myself. I will have more                                          time, I can do it all!

Feel better? Me to.

Coach Drifa


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  1. I really do agree!!

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