Getting over your ex. Five steps to feeling better.

Loosing someone you love, leaving them because you have no choice or having them leave you can feel like a death of a loved one. This can be especially painful if you had a very intense relationship or if you were together for a long time. Getting over your ex is not easy, it takes time and work. It may even feel like you are over it and have moved on but then you may discover one day after hearing they have moved on that you are nowhere near overLetting go of your ex can be one of the hardest things you do in your life. It can even be harder than making the decision to split up, or allowing yourself to move on with someone else, much harder than you ever imagined. It all starts the same way; you meet someone and you think that you have found someone special. You enter into a relationship with them and begin to plan your future. Time goes by and things are fine in the beginning but eventually things change. Relationships can be amazing things. Bliss, love, friendship and happiness until one day things begin to sour. You might try to fix what wrong, wait for a light bulb moment that will tell you what to do or just drive your partner so crazy they break up with you. The result is the same, it ends. The end of a relationship can be devastating for those involved. It has an effect on how you view yourself, what you thought was going to happen in the future and even your values. You may have believed your relationship would last or that you could make it work with willpower alone or that it was fate. You are stubborn, you don´t give up and will not give up, so why is this not working?  Even if you know the relationship was unhealthy, damaging even, it can still be difficult to let go. When the relationship ends you might go through a grieving process, you may become depressed or you might even feel relief or happiness that it is finally over.

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Drifa Ulfarsdottir

Success Coach

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