Success, what the bleep does that mean?

We all have different ideas about what success is. I have a pretty good idea about what it means for me just as I am sure you know what it means for you. The thing is it is all so different. I was speaking to a college the other day andhe said success for him is making enough money so that he can put his 2 brothers through college. A very noble and unselfish definition of success. I know that when my kids were little the definition I ad of success was getting them to grow up and move out of the house in one piece. There were a lot of them and life is full of dangers.

Now adays success for me means having a successful business, working from wherever I want in the world and having the freedom to move from one country to the next when I feel like it. I don´t want to stop working, quite the opposite. I want to work at something I love. That is not to say I am not happy where I am but it is not the ideal situation. Fortunately I have a plan of action that I slowly hack away at to reach my goal.

What is your definition of success??