Allot of things have brought me to where I am now, a coach, a single mother, a better person than I was.

I married young and had 4 wonderful children. I know everyone says that but I really do have amazing kids and that is the truth. I was married for 20 years, most of which were unhappy. I guess I really didn’t know what I was looking for when I got married and certainly had no Idea what 20 years of marriage would look like.

P1010826 - Copy I was never able to figure out why despite my best efforts the marriage was not working. I believed I was trying as hard as I could but never seemed to see any lasting improvement. It all seemed so hard! There were more bad days than good ones, and I began to give up. Give up on my happiness, my life, myself. I had lost my identity and forgotten what it was I really wanted out of life.

I was powerless to deal with my circumstances and stopped believing I had any influence in my life. I was alone in my marriage, utterly alone. The day came that I had pretty much given up all together. I was driving to work in tears thinking that I would have to turn around and go home. I couldn’t go to work when I was so upset especially when I was seemingly upset about nothing in particular. My thoughts were racing, my mind was saying “I can’t do this anymore” over and over again making me feel worse and worse every time.

That was when something amazing happened. My perception shifted and my thoughts changed. All of a sudden they said ” I don’t have to do this anymore” and it was life a flood of relief washed over me. My mind seemed to clear and I knew that my salvation lay in 4 simple words.

I want a Divorce.

It was a moment of clarity, a shift in perception As I now reflect on the desperation I felt , the feeling of being stuck in a sinking ship the hopelessness, and powerlessness I feel fortunate that I had that moment of clarity, that shift in perception, at that moment on that day. This realization that my whole reality could change with a single thought has been the driving force for me to become a Life Coach.

Since that day my life has become a life that I truly love. I experience joy and happiness everyday. I am able to explore who I truly am through my personal life coach and see a brighter future. In fact I am excited about my life. My children are happy and well adjusted. Through living my truth and following the principals I have learned in my journey of becoming a Life Coach my life has become an adventure that I create.

Why would you want to work with me?

I have specialized in Date Coaching because as you can imagine it was very daunting to come out of a relationship which lasted for 20 years and all of a sudden have to date. The rules had changed, I was older, had baggage and so did everyone around me. It was all very overwhelming. I didn’t really now who I was looking for, what qualities he would have who he would be so I didn’t have much luck at all.

That was when I discovered the secret to dating for success.I now enjoy dating, know what I am looking for and feel great about myself and the future. I am able to attract the kind of person I deserve. Try a trial session with me and change your future.

==> Some Photos


This summer in Iceland on the way home from Krisjuvik

This summer in Iceland on the way home from Krisjuvik


Ok I know I am not in this one but just look at the colors. This is taken in krisjuvik.

Ok I know I am not in this one but just look at the colors. This is taken in krisjuvik.



My mom and I during our sight seeing trip.

My mom and I during our sight seeing trip.


One more of Krisjuvik I love this place.

One more of Krisjuvik I love this place.

I look forward to hearing from you and can´t wait to share this awesome experience with you through Date Coaching.

It is easy to set up a free trial session with me just

◦email me at drifa@adateforsuccess.com
◦call me +354 695 0097


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