Facebook spammer was ordered to pay $711 million

Facebook spammer ordered to pay 711 million.Social networking sites have become one of the most important places for marketers to network. I love marketing, it is one of the best things about being in business but there is a slight problem with some of the marketing methods people use. Not everyone has the same ideas about what marketing is about.  Have you ever noticed how some mailing lists send you short informative newsletters that you actually enjoy reading while others seem to be sending out a letter or two a day with useless blather.intrigues me, and got me to  thinking  the other day how annoying it is to get posts constantly on Facebook about stuff I am not interested in.

I don´t mind seeing ideas and tips on the wall or as comments but my mail is for private conversations period. Ok, and the occasional sale or notification. I do get invitations from places like So Ho Market and I am glad. This store has great sales and I am a woman, so I occasionally like to shop. The owner of the store however only sends out ads once in a while. I am still a newbie in internet marketing compared to a lot of others but I came across a helpful tip about how to know if your advertising company  is a spammer on a Keven Burton’s Blog .

So where is the limit? Where do you draw the line between helpful and downright annoying. Here is my take on the subject. I think if you are on Facebook and you want to sell that is fine but keep most of your marketing on your page. Use your wall. If you have something interesting to sell, give away or tell us about by all means send out in invitation but not every day. There has to be a limit. How about 2 a month. As for the newsletters, here is a tip. Read them before you send them. If they don´t interest you, if you don´t learn anything new, don´t send them. Rework them and send fewer quality letters. Less is more. Oh one more thing, how about starting your own social network with Ning or checking out the other 25 top social networking sites.

By the way I get newsletters from probably 20 companies and there are about 3 company’s that when I see their newsletter in my inbox I zoom in and read it.

Here they are in case you are interested.




And here is a tip from Aaron Chen about how to behave on social networks. Very interesting way to put it.

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