My favorite things

I love the Amazon Kindle, it is an amazing electronic device that you can use to stay up to date on the latest blogs, newspapers, magazines or to read books. I live in Iceland and it is not easy to shop from here. If I want a specific book and it is not available at the bookstore I have to order it from Amazon. That means waiting and paying extra for shipping and handling. With the Amazon Kindle all I need to do is choose the book I want and download it. How awesome is that.

If you live outside the US, guess what, Amazon now ships the Kindle internationally.

They have a huge variety of books that are available so I never have to worry about not having something to read. The kids can always have their favorite book as soon as it comes on the market. No more waiting.

I love to shop online, it keeps me from buying unnecessary items that I will never use. One year I bought every single Christmas gift online and let me tell you it was a stress free Christmas.

I decided that shopping online for something can take a lot of time so I came up with a great idea. I compiled a list of items I thought you might like. I chose some great books for grownups, a few books for the kids , some books for the teenager on your list, and of course the significant other . If you are looking for some jewelry for her here it is.


Here are some great deals for this November.

Crocs for the kids, winter boots and more! You can save $20 dollars on the latest fall arrivals when you spend $80

Great deals on MP3 from a hand picked selection.

Save $10 dollars instantly on magazine subscriptions.

Sci-Fi extravaganza until November 23, 2009.

Get your car ready for winter with these great deals!


take a look at my A-STORE



Who knows what I will add next.

Have a great one.



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