Am I a workaholic?

Am I a workaholic?

You know I ask myself that all the time. I tend to get immensely excited about projects that I am working on, especially if they involve learning something new, forging new trails or being a virtual explorer. I will continually think about the project almost unable to focus on anything else even thinking about it in the evenings when I am having family time with my children. As Life and Success Coach I recognise the signs of being a  workaholic but I thought I would jot down a few signs just in case you were wondering what they were. The signs are pretty unmistakable if you know what you are looking for. When you are working from dusk til dawn and think about work all the time, you just might be a workaholic. Workaholics only feel that they are accomplishing something when they are at work. They think that they have to work long hours immense effort and sacrifice in order to get ahead. They crave success and will do anything to get it even if that means forgoing their personal lives. Some are great achievers at work but just can´t seem to get it right in their personal lives. Some workaholics have an easier time connecting to the people at work than their own family. Workaholics feel they are irreplaceable at work and that everything will literally fall apart if they are not there to take care of all the little details personally. Look at the life of a workaholic outside of work. How satisfying is it? How much balance is their really in their lives? If you don’t have a balance between work, family life and personal time then you just may be a workaholic. If you get more satisfaction, feel more important and more at home at work then guess what, you may be a workaholic.  If you are reading this and thinking yeah that’s me but I am not a workaholic then good luck to you. If you are still unsure then you can either continue reading or take a test and find out.Work life balance is essential to happiness. Everyone will stop working one day and when they do they need to have built up a life and identity to fill the work void. We only have one life so it is essential to fill it with things that make you happy, are aligned with your values and mean something in the long run. Sometimes that means working less, being more productive in the time you have and making family and personal time a priority.

Drifa Ulfarsdottir

Success Coach